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CPTC BOD declare martial law over trash can violator!

Martial law has been invoked within the parameter of CPTC HOA because of a documented trash can violator. The CPTC BOD has been conducting and undercover surveillance¬† program against a suspected unnamed trash can extremest.¬† Leaked photo’s have emerged revealing this atrocity.¬† Citizens are instructed to stay in their homes and not to make contact with anyone outside of the community. Phone taps and communication monitoring is in place stated sources from the BOD. “We don’t know how many other trash can extremest cells exist, and we will stop at nothing to weed them out”.


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Spring Time in CPTC

Yes folks, it’s spring time in CPTC once again. This means blooming flowers, rapidly growing lawns, violation letters about growing lawns from the HOA, and yes of course, the unmonitored HOA pool is Open!!!!

Oops sorry, folks, some asshole parent let their baby shit in the pool already.  The pool is closed. The Moose out front should have told you.


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The unraveling of society

Emerging rumors of revolt are beginning to leak from the CPTC HOA community that is governed by the heavy handed reclusive BOD. Anonymous sources are revealing that a silent but organized civil unrest within certain circles of the community. Individuals involved with this rising, risk significant retaliation that could include public execution or endure life imprisoned in CPTC’s most notorious prison camps. The highly secretive and extremely insulated BOD have been known to overthrow past rebellions, so it is difficult to determine the level of success that leaders of this resistance my gain.

Behind closed doors BOD in session


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